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Welcome To RMJ Technologies

RMJ Technologies operates as your consultant and provider of the highest quality fleet management GPS Vehicle Tracking systems in the U.S., Mexico and Canada.  Since one size does not fit all, we offer three unique GPS Vehicle Tracking systems that will surely fit your fleet’s requirements.  Our fleet management GPS Vehicle Tracking systems will permit you to: 1) track your vehicles and provide you with remote diagnostics, 2) track your vehicles combined with turn-by-turn navigation and dispatch, 3) track your vehicles along with PTOs, and 4) track your vehicles at a very low cost.  Whether you have five vehicles or 5,000, whether you are managing a private fleet or a government fleet, we have the GPS Vehicle Tracking Solution for you.

Our various GPS Vehicle Tracking Solutions offer an array of features, so finding the most appropriate Fleet Management Vehicle Tracking Solution for your fleet is not a problem.  To assist you in this process, contact us today.

RMJ Technologies began its operations providing backup cameras for large commercial vehicles with apparent blind spots.  Such backup cameras remain a major component of RMJ Technologies’ core business.

Our backup camera products range from black and white to color, to split screens, flat screens, heavy duty monitors, etc.  Let us help you find the backup camera system that is most appropriate for you fleet.

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